Business web filtering software

WFilter - web filter software for business network

WFilter enables administrators to enforce internet usage policies and monitor employees internet activities from a mirroring port of your switch.

Zero client installation and category block lists make it easier for administrators to:

  • Protect you network from malware on the web.
  • Block time-wasting sites and save productivity.
  • Save bandwidth by blocking unwanted downloads and p2p traffic.

You can try the free trial version with full features for a limited time.


WFilter's web filtering feature enables you to monitor and filter employees web activities.

Key Features and Advantages:

  • Monitor and archive web activities of network computers.
  • Reports of web activities and web surfing time.
  • Websites black and white list.
  • Implement policies to filter websites by 60+ categories.
  • Implement policies to restrict file downloading on file type and content type.
  • Implement policies to block file uploading and web posting.
  • Set keywords alert on visited webpages title.
  • Please notice WFilter can not record contents of https webpages, for https interception, please check WFilter NG Firewall
  • You only need to install WFilter in ONE computer to monitor your whole network.
  • Learn more about WFilter.

Images of web filter: