Professional Network Security and Content Filtering

IMFirewall Software is a devoted team for network security and content filtering.

We have been focus on network internet monitoring and content filtering for over ten years.

Windows software for business internet monitoring and filtering. Recommended for pass-by deployment, with ZERO influence to existing network.
A linux-based next generation firewall. Powerful internet filter, bandwidth shaper, access control, VPN and intrusion prevention...
Network Protection

Prohibit unauthorized network access.

Network authentication.

Block malicious, adult contents.

Intrusion detection and defense, DDOS attack protection.

Detection of ARP spoofing, IP conflicts, network loop.

Access Control

URL database with more than 60 categories.

Detailed application identification.

Set policies based on IP, MAC, and users.

Real-time detection of every connections.

Bandwidth Optimization

Block P2P downloads and videos.

Load balancing and policy routing.

Powerful bandwidth allocation strategy.

Bandwidth optimization and packet priority.

Internet Statistics

Detailed internet history.

Featured SSL monitoring solution.

Various report templates and statistics.

Logs are retained for more than 1 year.

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