Business internet monitoring software

WFilter - internet monitoring software for business

Internet can be a benefit to business when used properly, but internet is often abused by employees and poses significant liability and security risks.

With zero client installation, WFilter can help you to monitor, and block internet usage in your network.


You can try the free trial version with full features for a limited time.


WFilter's internet usage monitoring feature enables you to monitor and archieve employees internet activities.

Key Features and Advantages:

  • Keep a detailed record of each web surfing and web posting.
  • Record all incoming and outgoing emails content and attachments. Please notice WFilter can not record ssl emails, for ssl email monitoring, please check WFilter NG Firewall.
  • Monitor and archive instance messengers activities.
  • Monitor and archive files transferred by web, ftp and IM tools.
  • Set keywords alert on the monitored content.
  • Implement a policy to filter internet access during working hours.
  • Websites, messengers and p2p file downloading can be blocked to save bandwidth and raise productivity.
  • You only need to install WFilter in ONE computer to manage your whole network.
  • Learn more about WFilter.

Images of internet usage monitoring: